The importance of accessories

Whenever I put on a new outfit and look in the mirror I always think that something is missing. I soon realise it’s because of a lack of accessories. As soon as I pile on the jewelry or stick on a hat, the whole outfit comes together. Here are some of my recent outfit posts that either do or do not work. Usually it’s down to the accessories.


Here I am wearing sunglasses, a fedora and have a long gold necklace on too. This was from the seventies Bo Nanafana night in Norwich a few weekends ago. Without the accessories my outfit just looked plain and very simple. The hat and necklace, especially, turn me into a glamourous seventies star.


In this shot I’m wearing my Mayan horoscope necklace, a dragonfly necklace, a big bangle and my hair is tied up with a handmade button bracelet. Without the accessories I am simply wearing a dress with some boots. The buttons in my hair give a pop of colour (which you can’t see from this angle…) and the bangle breaks up the paleness of my skin.


Here I’ve added a snood to a simple outfit. This doesn’t work for me. I’ve added too many accessories and this draws attention away from my spectacular Next trousers.


The hat finishes off this summery outfit. Without it the outfit is a little boring, I think.

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  1. Love your hats!! Maybe do a blog post with one outfit done many different ways ‘cuz of accessories? Think that could be a fun experiment :) Looking good!

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