The importance of a well fitting bra

Trying on a bra is important for women who want to find a bra that fits appropriately. Knowing your size is important and you should remember that the size of a woman’s breasts will fluctuate over time. Therefore, bra fitting is an important part of shopping for bras.

Try before you buy

Although something like a bra size calculator can assist you in what size bra you should be wearing, it is always best to try the bras on to ensure a really good fit, minimising problems such as back pain and skin irritation from straps digging in.

When trying on bras, there are some things to look for to determine if the bra fits properly. Do not assume that simply because a bra is in your cup and band size that it will work best for you. Certain styles work better on some women than others.

The fit

When trying on a bra, it should be firm around the body. It should not be loose. Make sure to properly adjust the tension of the shoulder straps as this can play a key role into making a bra fit. Inspect the cup of the bra. Your breast should fill the cup without sagging over overspilling. Overspilling could occur at the top of the bra or under the armpits. Either way, this means you need a larger cup. However, sagging cups mean the cup is too large. A smaller one should be tried on.

Another aspect to determine is if the centre of the bra actually hugs the chest wall. Some bras tend to gape here. This is a sign that the bra is too small. A well fitting bra will fit snugly at the edges around the neck as well as under the arms. It should not be gaping or too tight.

Some women have one breast that is larger than the other. Often this is a very slight difference. However, sometimes the difference can be a whole cup size. When fitting a bra for this situation, make sure to select a size to fit the larger breast. For the size with the smaller breasts, adjusting the straps can help balance out the look.

If you are looking for plus size bras then you have all sorts of options. My curves & Me is a website that sells bras in all sizes. It’s got a great selection of cuts, patterns and colours too. Big bras don’t have to be ugly.

If it’s not plus sizes you are after, take a look here for a small bra range.

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