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I love the idea of having the perfect pace in which to entertain. I don’t do a huge amount of interiors posts on here but I thought I’d give you a little insight into my home.


I really love wooden tables and we have a beautiful oak dining table and some grey fabric chairs. It looks great in the space but it’s still lacking something. We need table cloths, runners and beautiful things decorating the table. We also need a lamp, during the day the conservatory is beautifully bright but as soon as the sun goes down the lights in there don’t really cut it.


We have a bookcase that is now full so I’m thinking of getting another one that’s exactly the same. We’ll have them standing side-by-side so it looks like a wall of books. I have a serious book buying habit, I just can’t stop. This downstairs bookcase is dedicated to our mostly-unread collection. I need to stop buying books and actually read the ones I have.


I really love these solid oak tables from Top Furniture and these images are huge inspiration for me. Look at all the books!


Our dining area is more about socialising and eating then just dining. We rarely eat in there unless we have people over.

Living room

One thing people do say when they come to our house is that there are very few places on which to place drinks, especially in the living room. Another thing we are after is a set of nested tables. Our living room is quite modern so I’m torn between some chunky wooden tables or something that’s made of glass and metal.


I quite like kitschy little decorations but the other half isn’t so keen. When we do find art or other little items that we both like, we buy but it’s rare that our tastes cross over.


One thing I do really like in our home is this beer bottle and wooden flower. We loved the shape of the bottle so drank its contents and now use it as a vase. It’s pretty and unusual.


The kitchen is fairly uninspiring but this is definitely where the magic happens. We aren’t really bakers (although we try) but we do love to cook. It still baffles me that a lot of people our age don’t cook everything from scratch. Of course, there’s the odd pasta bake evening but most of the time we can be found in the kitchen cooking curry, making pizza dough or waiting for something to roast.

A few of my favourite things in the kitchen:


This water jug was bought for us at Christmas; I love it a little too much.


This vase was bought for us a few years ago buy the same aunt who bought the jug (she has taste) we filled it with wooden flowers and pretty sticks so it would always be on show.


Our vinyl record flower pot.


Finally, this is a pine shelf we were given by Ben’s mum. It’s home to most of our cook books.

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