The difference between Platinum and K gold

When buying a diamond ring, some of them are entangled. Why do some diamond rings are platinum rings, some are 18K white gold diamond rings, and the prices are different. Is it good to buy platinum, or 18k white gold better? In fact, their names are similar, but the essence is very different and cannot be generalized. 

K gold 

Gold is one of the rare and precious metals. Its soft texture is difficult to use directly as a piece of name jewellery (click here). The industry usually adds a small amount of copper, silver, nickel and other metals to the gold to increase its strength and toughness. This is “K gold.”

According to the difference of gold content, it is divided into 24K gold, 22K gold, 18K gold, 14K gold, etc. (the gold content of 1K gold is 4.166%), of which 18K gold is the most widely used, including 75% gold, and 25 % of other precious metals, 18K white gold, is silver-white 18K gold!

First, the advantages of 18K gold diamond ring

18K gold has the advantage of colour change. Because it contains 25% of other metals, 18K gold will be displayed in different colours. It has 18K white gold, 18K rose gold, yellow 18K gold and other colours. It is very fashionable and is often used to make diamond rings, and a small amount of 18K rose gold.

The colour of 18K white gold is usually white with a yellowish colour. After all, it contains 75% gold. It is usually plated with a layer of enamel on its surface to make it appear silvery and brighter.

 The price of 18K gold is more affordable than platinum, and it is cheaper than pure gold, but the appearance is not inferior, especially the electroplated 18K white gold diamond monogram ring, the silver precious metal is very similar. But some bad merchants bring will call K gold platinum, even though K gold and Platinum are two different precious metals.

18K gold has high ductility and hardness. It is used in diamond ring design to flexibly display the ring’s styling creativity. It can do relatively complicated diamond ring styles than platinum. Its support power is stronger than platinum and can give the precious diamond firmly guard to prevent the diamond from falling off and causing damage.

Second, 18K gold shortcomings

18K white gold has a layer of plating on the surface. Therefore, after wearing it for a long time, I sometimes find that my white gold ring is slightly yellowish. That is because after wearing for a long time, the coating will be worn away when it is often rubbed, and the colour is exposed. The best way to deal with it is to get the plating in the jewellery store to restore the plating.


Platinum is a naturally formed silver-white precious metal. It is precisely because of the name “Platinum” that everyone will be misunderstood that white precious metal is platinum. In China, only metal platinum (chemical symbol Pt) can be called “Platinum”.

Platinum is soft in texture. If you want to set a diamond, you have to form an alloy to enhance its hardness and meet the requirements of inlay. The commonly used diamond ring platinum is Pt950, which is 95% platinum and 5% metal alloys such as palladium, ruthenium and iridium. It also uses the diamond custom name ring of Pt990.

Pt950 diamond ring advantages

Platinum’s silver-white lustre is not dim over time, it can always maintain a natural silvery white, which maximizes the sparkle of the diamond, which is very beautiful.

Platinum’s refining process and production process are very complicated. The technical level is higher than that of mixed K gold. Platinum mining volume is only 5% of gold. The simple ring can only be made through complicated steps by using tons of raw ore. When a thing is scarce it is precious, that’s also the precious of the platinum diamond ring.

Platinum has strong toughness and memory. One gram of platinum can stretch 2000m of platinum filaments, which can produce different texture, but its hardness is not very high. After adding alloys, the hardness is not as good as 18K gold. Therefore, it is necessary to test the craftsman’s mosaic craftsmanship for the diamond ring used to inlay the big carat.

Platinum shortcomings

Gold is the hard currency of the world, and platinum is more expensive, but its quantity is not a lot. So its currency capability is not very strong. If you want to invest in platinum, you might have a hard time. It is better to buy gold. 

For a small self-wearing ring, the platinum ring is not as high as the K-gold “old-for-new” value. There are many shops that recycle recycled gold, but little platinum is recycled. Platinum process is difficult, purification loss is large, it is not good to test rework, the price is very low even if recycle.

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