The commute: Day 1

I am now a bicycle commuter! Today was my first day biking into the new office, laptop strapped to my bag, Under Armour jacket making me feel the part.

The anxiety that comes with cycling isn’t down to the traffic but down to me doubting my own fitness and ability to do anything on my own. Before today I’d cycled into the city once and that was with an experienced companion, that and my little jaunt around north Norwich on Thursday is the extent of my cycling experience for about a decade.

Today I decided that if I didn’t just get on with it, I’d never do the commute on two wheels. I left the house at 9am to miss the worst of the traffic but it was still busier than I’d previously experienced.

I coped and I didn’t die.


I had one near miss with a bus cutting me up post-overtake but I saw what was about to happen and slowed right down so I could take a bit of off-road evasive action. This is just part of being a cyclist, I’m beginning to realise.

As it turns out my non-hilly route into the city is quite hilly. Yes, it’s official, Norfolk does have hills. For those of you who know Norwich, the section from Fye Bridge to the top of Tombland is just one big hill. That, however, is probably the only part of the route that has me out of puff and I’m pretty sure after a week of doing this, I’ll no longer notice it.

Two miles. 13 minutes. That’s the time to beat.

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