The best of British Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when family and friends gather for a classic Christmas dinner. It’s the time when the heritage and traditions take the front stage with the best the British cuisine has to offer. What can you expect at the traditional British dinner? In cooperation with London’s Salt Flakes Restaurant, we have created a short list.

Little has changed over the centuries and the food is the central part of the celebrations. The Christmas Dinner is the main Christmas meal and is eaten at midday or early afternoon. On this day it’s all about the best dishes that Britain has to offer, which include starters, mains and delicious desserts.
Christmas Starters
Christmas starters should be light and easy to make. It’s just a taste of what’s to come with the main courses. Two of the popular British starters are Smoked Salmon with a Dill Mustard Sauce and a simple Prawn Cocktail.
Main Courses
A true Christmas Dinner couldn’t happen without a roast dish. Nowadays the centre of attention is a turkey. A more traditional dish is a roast goose. This two mains couldn’t be complete without additional dishes which complement the taste. An all-time favourite is Pigs in a Blanket, which is an easy dish to fix. It’s made of cocktail sausages wrapped in good-quality bacon. It makes for a good bite-size dish. The dinner would be missing something if it wasn’t for the potatoes. Traditional cuisine offers them in two variations: roast and mashed potatoes. If you’re looking for some vegetables than you need to remember about roast parsnip. It goes well with other vegetables, but the real sweetness and texture can be brought up by roasting it separately. To enhance the dish you may add some goose or duck fat, which adds more flavour. Another must-have on the dinner table are buttered brussels sprouts with chestnuts as well as braised red cabbage. The main courses are complete when you add traditional bread sauce and chicken gravy.
No dessert is as British as the traditional Christmas Pudding. It’s usually served with different sauces. It’s better to prepare this one well in advance and let it mature to bring out the best flavour. The Christmas Pudding isn’t the lightest of the dishes, but it’s still a favourite. An alternative are the cakes. The Christmas Desserts include cakes such a light cranberry and apricot or a classic chocolate yule log with buttercream.

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