That’s a Bingo

I received a parcel from the lovely Costa Bingo containing everything I might need to have the perfect girlie night in. After a while of trying to organise my friends that have social lives, we set a date and soon Embo, Ali and Ben were ready for a night of awesome.


I got on the cider pretty early on. Although, I did have to look after Ben and his broken leg so I took my time. A few relaxed drinks with friends is exactly what I needed.




It took us a while to get going with the bingo as it was a little confusing as to how we put it together. There were no instructions. Even then we had trouble getting the balls out. We also found there were two number 43s and no 48. This made for a very amusing time.





We also had pizza. Alas, it was not Christmas pizza

It was a nice relaxing evening of food, games, music and a lot of laughs. Thank you Costa Bingo.

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