Take your fitness to the next level with some yoga

A Bikram yoga studio has just opened up here in Norwich and a one month pass is just £24 for the first month. This goes up considerably after that month and I’m loathed to start it because I know I’ll love it and can’t afford to continue when the price is around £15 per class (I think this goes down to around £10 per class if you buy in bulk).

However, I think it’s yoga that will truly take me to the next level of my fitness.

So, when I was reading OM Yoga Magazine today and I saw the progressions for a hand balance, I thought I’d challenge myself.


I’m so far away from that final balance but I think it would be good to try. My ultimate goal is to have this kind of control over my body to be able to balance, get up into a handstand with ease, and pull my body weight around like it’s nothing.

I’m currently doing my level 1 Nerd Fitness challenge but I might add this to my next challenge. The chins ups I’ve been working on have improved massively so this kind of balance will be another place to make some good progression on flexibility and strength.

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