Take a look at the new Palm & Sole range

This range was created with women in mind by a trained aromatherapist. Each product is hand-blended and it’s all made in Norfolk. You won’t find any labs or men in suits telling women what they ‘need’ here.

There are four sets of products from Palm & Sole, each is designed for a different skin type with the effects on the senses taken into account too.

– Calm and relax senses
– For dry and dehydrated skin

– Balance and harmonise senses
– For dry and mature skin

– Revive and uplift senses
– For dry skin

– For dry and sensitive skin

In each collection there’s the Deep Night Facial Oil; Bath, Shower and Scalp Oil; an Intense Balm and a Massage Body Block.

To read more about this gorgeous range of products visit the Palm & Sole website.

If you are looking for beauty treatments in Norfolk, Palm & Sole offer a variety from two Norwich locations.

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