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J2O have come up with a brilliant campaign for this party season. We’ve all been there, drinking too much and making fools of ourselves. (One day, I might tell you about the pistachios.) So this Christmas, you should switch to something non alcoholic. Especially if you’re heading to an office party.

The Party Pug has some golden rules for you when it comes to the office Christmas party. Sometimes you’re with people you can trust when you make a fool out of yourself but other times you might be with people you’ll need to be a bit more sensible around.

I’m a little offended by the ‘avoid anyone in IT’ but, yeah. Maybe you should. (They’re all mine…)

I’ve got another tip that Mr Party Pug has not touched on… Stay away from the pole. A lot of clubs and bars these days have poles to pole dance with on their dance floors. These aren’t for professionals, they’re for normal people to make themselves look like idiots.

Staying sober on a night out doesn’t have to be boring. You’re not limited to glasses of water for the whole evening. J20’s Glitter Berry is actually glittery. I think I’d rather have a glittery drink over anything alcoholic. (Maybe.) If you do want a few but know when to stop, use the Glitter Berry as a mixer. Sparkly and alcoholic, I like the sound of that.

I’m lucky in that I work alone – is that luck? I’m not going to end up snogging the boss or spend all evening avoiding the office lothario. Good luck to those of you who have to navigate the Christmas party and drunk colleagues.

I’m going to end with rule #09: Don’t Dress Like a Ho Ho Ho.

This post was sponsored by J20 but, as always, all opinions are my own.

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