Hi all.

Despite serious tummy ache these last couple of days I did manage to go running both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I ran 0.95 miles in about 15 minutes and the  yesterday I did 0.6 miles in 10 minutes. That’s quite slow for me but as I said, not feeling great.

I’m feeling the ache today. Oddly in my shoulder more than anywhere else.

Something that was less successful was my quest for a new phone. The HTC Desire. I’ve made my mind up on this one. No i4Phone (that’s iPhone 4 to you) for me. Alas the O2 store didn’t have one and if I went through Carphone Warehouse/Phones 4 U they wouldn’t be able to apply my discount (which is something like £120.)

So, I’m going to ring O2 tonight and do it all over the telemaphone.

Lames. Need my new technology.

I also need to start eating healthy again. Have eaten way too much chocolate…

Didn’t even dare to weigh myself on Friday. But mid-week I was up 1lb. Gruh.

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