Stylish Laptop Bags

With the addition of a new laptop in my life and the fact that I’m going to be hauling it acorss the states I decided that I needed a new bag to carry it in. For those of you who are interested I ended up with a gorgeous white/red Packard Bell.

laptop, white, red, packard bell
4gb memory, 320gb HDD, SD card slots, HD output, 2.1ghz processor (I think) and good integrated graphics.

So, away from the technology and onto turning it into a fashion statement.

laptop bag, red, 17
Red Rose 17″ laptop bag – £62

This is nice although it doesn’t look like it has a shoulder strap. Having RSI I don’t think I could carry it around without being in pain…

laptop bag, pink
Almost Innocent bag. – £47

I love this, would fit snugly on my shoulder and would easily fit my purse and other stuff in. It might be a bit pink for me though.

Tan leather messenger bag – £100

I like this. Really like it. It has a Mullberry feel to it. Plus it is leather. It is also nice because if my shoulder started to ache carrying it I could pass it onto Ben and he’d be able to carry it. It is a manbag after all. He’d be like Jack Bauer.

laptop tote, bag, purple, grey, blue, green, pink
Melissa Beth Designs, Slim Tote – $137 (£85)

Really like these. They look all soft and squidgy. However they may be a little bit too laptoppy for my linking. I want something that functions like a handbag too.

Enzo Rossi Leather Bag – £95

Love this! I love the colour, it has a shoulder strap and it is leather. Plus it has loads of little pockets for phone, purse and makeup.

john lewis, laptopbag, lap, top, leather
John Lewis Miranda Bag – £100

Also love this one too. Pockets, colour and strap. Nice.

I still don’t think any of these are what I’m looking for. I need a laptop bag that doubles as a handbag. It’ll also be my hand luggage on the way to America so it needs space for the laptop, two notebooks, a book, my purse, passport, glasses, phone and some makeup. I shall continue the search.

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  1. I got a lovely pink laptop bag for Christmas from the boys Mum. It easily doubles up as a handbag. Sadly I have no idea where it is from :( xxx

  2. I got a laptop sleeve: which is I think much handier than a bag.
    I already have a super nice and stylisch bag. The only thing what I missed was extra protection for my laptop within my bag. It got a few scratches because of the other things I got in my bag (pens, make-up, etc.).

    Super cool advice: I laptop sleeve from CoverBee. I have this sweet pink one:

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