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I love before and afters on everything. Seeing someone before and after weight loss is hugely motivational, I love makeover shows for both people and homes and I have a love for all things style. This video hits all my buttons.

Some of these shows can be a little trashy but they are easy watching that can actually teach you quite a lot. Watching shows where a person gets a makeover can teach you a lot about shopping for your body shape, how a new hair style can change your whole look and what sort of clothes really update your wardrobe.

Since buying a house I’ve been more interested in the home makeover shows. Interior style is my new passion and I’m somewhat obsessed with seeing some dated and ugly be transformed into something glitteringly modern and functional.

It’s the little tips I like. For example, how a coat of paint in a light colour can instantly refresh a room and make it appear larger. How lamps and lights can be used to create space and how to transform a boring book case into something special with just some paint and clever positioning.

I actually think my fashion obsession came from watching What Not To Wear all those years ago. As a kid that hammered clever dressing tips into my head and I’m still known as the go-to-girl for fashion dilemmas!

All opinions are my own – this was a sponsored post.

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