Stop! Accessory time.

I never used to be an accessory kind of person but recently I can’t get enough of bracelets, watches, belts and rings. Here are a few things I’m loving at the moment.


David M Robinson has some amazing watches on offer including this amazing one from TAG Heuer. Yes it’s a gent’s watch but I love that masculine shape and style. I think I could pull it off. Obviously there’s also the F1 connection and this is the Monaco watch. I love the dials, the leather strap and that strong, square face. It is, however, £5895. That’s quite a lot of money for an accessory even by high fashion standards. That doesn’t mean I don’t want one though. Thankfully, the site does interest free women’s watches.

I rarely wear a watch but if I had one that was beautiful and expensive then I’d want to show it off!

Midi Rings


I love these little things. I think they make hands look much more interesting than normal rings. I like the mix and match the colours along with lots of bracelets and bright nail varnish. This short was taken a while back and I haven’t even show you all the photos from the shoot!



My collections of belts is huge. I have a small waist so I always want to accentuate it. One of my favourites is the Nerd belt from Boohoo. I bought a large but it’s a little big and it’s no longer in stock so I can’t buy a small. It’s going to have to be retired very soon.

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