Spring Fashion Tips

neon springIf you’re fed up of winter, coats, knitted scarves and thick woolly jumpers – fear not! Winter is coming to an end, which means brand new fashion accessories and styles. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with innovative designs and trends, but how can you look your best throughout the warmer months?

Buy the right lingerie

No one wants to see tatty or discoloured bras with pretty little tops, so hit the high street and update your underwear draw. If you want to wear the peekaboo dresses that are popular this season, ensure your bra isn’t sticking out of the sides and if you opt for the sheer fabrics lining the shelves a seam-free style could be just what you need.

Dress to impress

As the flowers bloom and the birds sing, why not dress to impress? Opt for designer wear if you can afford it, or go for high street alternatives instead. If you’re feeling creative, you could even make your own attire, simply check out 2013’s most wearable fashion trends for inspiration and put your artistic flare to good use. Of course, dressing for your body shape is the way to go, so work out if you’re an apple, pear, hourglass or triangle and use this to your advantage!

Make the most of bright colours

This year, welcome spring in style by wearing bright, fluorescent clothes! They’re bang on trend for the new season and should help to lift your mood over the coming months. Sure, black and white patterns are proving popular too, but it’s amazing how good a fluorescent yellow top or a bright pink skirt can make you feel. If these colours are a bit too outrageous for your liking, try some neon accessories, enough to spice up any wardrobe!

Missoni red lips

Revamp your makeup collection

Spring fashion is not all about the clothes you wear, it’s also about the makeup – and things are hotting up. Everyone from Giorgio Armani to BCGB displayed thick eyeliner during the Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week whereas Véronique Leroy and Gucci flaunted extra lush eyelashes. Red lips also made an appearance too with Missoni, Prada and Rochas getting in on the action. If you prefer a more natural look, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana kept things simple with nude colours, so go with whatever makes you feel glamorous.

These days, many people lotions and other so called miracle cures to perfect their looks, but decent attire and a little war paint can work wonders!

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