[Sponsored Video] Twinings’ beautiful new advert

I really understand how tea can make a difference on your life. It can relax you, make you feel alert and detoxify. This new advert really struck a chord with me, a woman overcoming obstacles to make her way to the top of a hill. I’ve been having a rough time lately trying to juggle work, new house, blogging, more blogging, social media and exercise so I love being able to just sit with a hot cup of tea.

Take a look at the video, it’s beautiful and the song is exquisite

The last advert Twinings did featured a wonderful cover of Wherever You Will Go, orginally by The Calling. The song rocketed to fame and I’m sure Twinings hope the same will happen with this lovely Fleetwood Mac cover.

Sean Summers, Marketing Director for Twinings, has this to say about the advert: “We had a fantastic response to our first advert and were inundated with phenomenal feedback – often hearing that it stirred a few emotions. The message, that busy women should take 10 minutes to get back to themselves, resonates strongly.

“Moving into this new area of emotional advertising was unchartered territory for us. However, now we can see the Gets You Back To You ethos spreading and that consumers were moved by the advert, we hope our next instalment will be equally if not, even more positively received.”

This was a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

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