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Even though this might be sponsored, I’m desperate for you to take a look at this video from Simply Be because it’s spreading such an important message. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin and loving who you are no matter your size, shape, height or style.

There’s a lot in this video that you should take on board. It might not all be relevant to you and your life but there’s definitely something in here for everyone. The bit that really spoke to me is ‘don’t hate what makes you individual’. I know so many people who hate how tall they are, or people who hate how skinny they are (yep, skinny girls are self-conscious about their bodies too), or even people who hate how curly their hair is.

I went through a long time being embarrassed about being alternative, about being tall, about being bigger than everyone else. Well that’s changed, I embrace it all and it’s made me a better person.


This video actually makes me very teary because it says everything I want to say to everyone around the world. Please, please watch this video. It could be the beginning of something special for you. We should learn to love ourselves and our bodies. Don’t feel like you have to keep negative things in your life or reign yourself in. If people don’t like the way you are then they probably shouldn’t be in your life.

I actually had this conversation with Rose from The Pleasure Forecast yesterday. We were talking about how we are ‘different’ and how we are aware that we’re not like other girls but that’s what makes us interesting people to know. If people think I’m loud or a bit crude (those of you who follow me as @JetlBomb on Twitter will have been exposed to this) they’re probably right. It’s just who I am and the sort of people who are offended by that probably aren’t the sort of people I want to be friends with. There’s not place for negative people in my life!

I haven’t always been this comfortable in my own skin. It’s taken a lot of work but I hope some of you can share in how it feels to be comfortable with who you are.

This is a post sponsored by Simply Be but all opinions are my own.

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