[Sponsored Video] Joop’s lesson in seduction

Now, I’m normally quite picky about the videos I’m asked to post but this one appealed to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s tongue in cheek, funny and I know there will probably be some women out there raging about it.

Secondly, our teacher, James Charm is rather attractive (stubbly man in a suit, how could he not be). Even if I do spend my time trying to work out what accent he has throughout this video rather than paying attention and taking notes as I should be.

Next week on the seduction lessons: How to seduce your boss without getting fired.

You can see all the other lessons in seduction over on Joop’s Youtube pageĀ 

Update: The newest lesson is now available to watch. Take note, gents.

This is a sponsored post but, as always, all opinions are my own

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