Soulmatefood review – Juice Cleanse: Day three

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Day three started much like the other two days. My tongue was beginning to feel better and I could actually concentrate on work. I was feeling good but still craving food.

It got to the evening after my last juice, while Ben was cooking his dinner, and I did have a piece of raw broccoli. Oh man it was good.

We then settled down to watch the last few episodes of Farscape. I started getting light stabbing pains in my stomach. It was bareable but really uncomfortable. I ended up going to bed at quarter to ten though. Although not before I consulted my friend Kathy (who happens to own the wonderful Palm & Sole) she said that generally the more extreme the detox the worse the person can feel. I suppose that makes sense. This is my body getting rid of all those toxins.

So, if I feel this bad when detoxing, what are those toxins doing when they’re just stuck in my body?

Starting weight: 169.5lbs

Day two weight: 168lbs

Day three weight: 166.25lbs

Morning after the final day: 166.25

However, this isn’t about weight loss. The reason I’ve weighed myself every day on this is to prove that it’s not about weight loss. Now that I’m back on soild food I expect to put most of that back on.

I am on a post-detox diet that consists of no caffeine, no alcohol, no bread, no dairy and very little meat. So hopefully that will minimise what I put back on and continue the detoxification benefits for a little while longer.

It’s actually the day after the detox and I’ve just had some proper food. Quinoa, mixed sprouts and Biona Sun Mini Burgers (yes, they have breadcrumbs in but I don’t feel I’m straying too much by having a couple).

I will be doing a follow up in a week with my weight and how I feel. But one day after the Juice Cleanse and I feel fantastic!


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