Outfit: Snowball and Dr Martens

On Saturday Ben and I went into the garden to attempt a snowman. Well, I attempted a snowman while he sat and took photos. It’s amazing, as a child I don’t remember playing in the snow being particularly tiring. Just rolling a snowball around for an hour, though, was knackering! Here is my snowy outfit of the day.


I’m wearing – Blazer: Boohoo | Skirt: Primark | T-shirt: Next | Ear muffs: John Lewis – they’re headphones too!

More photos under the cut.


I had to break these beautiful icicles to get into the garden.


Dr Martens are the only shoes that can cope with the snow. Even the icy paths are no match for these beauties!


Also wearing Ben’s flame snow socks and ASOS leggings that are waaay too big. It was quite chilly but all the snowman-making soon warmed me up!




The snowman didn’t get finished. I had to come in for a cup of tea. The snow adventures will continue.


Make up – Lipstick: Clinque | Eyebrows: Collection 2000 brown eye pencil | Eyeliner: Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner in black | Blusher: Benefit Jet Set | Contouring: Benefit brown eyeshadow from the Jet Set box | Eyeshadow: Urban decay.


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