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Tonight I am going to a NYE party at my local pub. It’s a very traditional real ale pub so when they asked for smart dress on the ticket, I got excited. People know me as overdressing for everything. It’s not often that I will turn up somewhere in jeans and a t-shirt. I will usually don a dress a high heels for no other reason than that I can.

I’m going to be wearing my amazing Vivien of Holloway Cheetah dress but I have no idea what shoes to wear. I know blogging about this isn’t really going to help but I’ve been looking at shoe websites all afternoon and thought I’d share my findings.

My issue isn’t necessarily having shoes that’ll match, it’s more about finding shoes that are comfortable, will keep my feet warm/dry on the way there, and will look good with the dress. I don’t think any shoes fit this criteria. I may be taking a big bag with me containing walking/backup shoes.

Oh my, these Rocket Dog shoes are cute as a button. Love the knitted flowers on the top!

These are Paco Gil Crepo shoes. I’ve never heard of the brand before but these are so pretty and unusual. I think this is a stunning shoe, I love those curves sides and the bow on the front!

Pretty sure there would be no chance in hell of me ever walking in these but they are so beautiful. To be worn with a simple shift dress. Or, because they are so seventies-looking, a big catsuit with flared legs.

These are just a little bit too amazing for their own good. Kat Maconie shoes are usually beautiful but I love how the gold really sets of the simplicity of these. I think they may have to be my next shoe purchase…

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