Shopping for my health…

It’s not really a stretch of the imagination. On Saturday I am going shopping with some of the lovely ladies in my family. My Mum, Grandma, Aunt and Cousin. While our taste range from designer to budget highstreet we always have a brilliant time.

Our last shopping trip involved thrifting, it was brilliant and although I didn’t spend much it certainly was a successful trip.

The reason that I am shopping for my health is the fact that I need running gear (amongst other things.) This blog post is mainly for my benefit than anyone else’s but below is a list of the things I need and the things I want.


  • Running shoes – the evenings are now light enough for me to go running so I really need some half decent shoes so I don’t hurt my back and legs.
  • Jogging bottoms – ones that are long enough
  • Sports bra – for boobs
  • Weights – for bingo wings
  • Jumper for Ben – because he looks lovely in snuggly jumpers


  • Jack Ketchum books – because they are weird
  • High-waisted denim shorts – for the holiday
  • Jeggings – new obsession
  • Gladiator sandals reminiscent of the fabulous ones I had last summer and wore to death
  • Canvas boots – for comfiness
  • Coat stand in a modern and/or quirky design – for hanging coats on
  • Another goat for the heard (this won’t make any sense to anyone. I’ll endeavor to photograph and explain for a later post.)
  • Leggings – for legs
  • Good quality pumps – so I’m not wearing £3 primark ones
  • Hush Puppies wedges
    • wisteria, wedges, hush puppies

    These babies are from Schuh – £49.99. Low enough heel for traipsing around in the sun and they have a very sexy vintage feel to them.

So ladies, because I know you’ll read this, we need to head to every conceivable place we possibly can (including Looses – the treasure chest store) in the day. Bring comfy shoes, credit cards and your fashion hats.

And to all my other readers who aren’t going shopping with us, what are you doing over this long weekend?

Jet, x

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