Shopping dreams, hareems and weight loss

I had a dream about shopping last night. It was glorious. I got two swim suits, some green UGG boots (for £40) and some Spongebob pyjamas.

I woke up and I seriously thought I bought those things until consciousness fully took me and I realised I didn’t have real UGG boots.

Just about to leave for work, parcel on my door step. Win, George at Asda Harem trousers. I tried them on. They look hot although not with the rest of my outfit for today. So tonight, maybe tomorrow, I’ll try them on with a proper outfit.

Twitter gave me some good advice on what to wear them with so I’m going to try some looks them put it to you all to help me decide what works and what doesn’t.

They’re black trousers and I’m thinking of wearing them with a black t-shirt then lots of jewellery, possibly a sparkly waistcoat.

Maybe my Jeffrey Campbell wedges, maybe my Louboutins…

In other news I’ve lost more weight. Only a quarter of a pound off what was in my sidebar stats to the right but I’d put on two pounds since then.

So over about a week and a half I’ve gone from 216lbs to 214lbs. Only five more to lose before I’m in the 14s. I want to be in the 14s by September, or at least get there in September. That would make for happy Jess.

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