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This morning there was a loud knock on the living room window, it was the postman – god knows why he didn’t knock on the door. He gave me a parcel and in it contained the Sheer Cover 30 day kit, and Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty pack but more about that later.

So I’ve just spent the last hour messing around trying out everything. The kit includes:

  • Two mineral powder foundations, I have the ‘Light’ kit so I have Nude and Bisque.
  • Some concealer, in two blendable shades.
  • Primer.
  • A compact containing highlighter, eyeliner and lipgloss
  • Mascara
  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Booklet
  • DVD

I followed the instructions in the book. Cleansed and moisturised then applied the primer. Concealer works very well and is actually a god send today as I have spots – I’m unhappy about this as I rarely have spots – I then began to apply the Nude shade. It’s very light but even a small amount just evens your skin tone.

I built it up a bit more and it looks good, very subtle and SO light on my skin. I think that’s the thing with mineral makeup is that is just doesn’t clog pores or sit heavy on the skin. Lovely.

I then followed the instructions further applied some highlight and the eyeliner and then the mascara. All a bit light for me and I gave up with the lip glosses – just not a fan in general, lipstick please. The mascara is wonderful, just lengthens lashes and looks super natural.

Not really my style thought so for edge I put on Sisley’s orange hydrating lipstick which tastes like old school lipsticks that my mum used to wear. It feels like orange nostalgia.


If you are just using the kit to do your makeup then you’ll get a nice, natural look very suitable for day wear. Personally I’d then add some liquid eyeliner and a bright lipstick. But then I don’t work in an environment where I need natural makeup. If I did then this is perfect.

You can buy the kit from:

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