Shake It Up: Milkshakes and Smoothies with a Hidden Protein Kick

For a quick protein fix after a workout, choosing to have a protein supplement in the form of a liquid, such as a shake or a smoothie, allows your body to absorb the protein faster. Of course, don’t let that stop you from sitting down and enjoying a big plate of food afterwards. If you like to consume your protein the quick way a drink will probably suit you better and you can enjoy it on the go.

You can get ready made shake powders, and all you need to do is add milk or water. While these seem convenient and come in different flavors such as banana and chocolate, do not be deceived as these can be unhealthy. The trick is to create your own shake or smoothie and add a scoop of plain protein powder. Even if you fancy a sweet shake as a treat, you can control the ingredients, so you know exactly what is going into your drink. Alternatively, going to a proper milkshake or smoothie bar is an option, where they use fresh ingredients, and you can add a scoop of protein powder later on. Here is some inspiration for how you can create a seriously awesome protein drink.

Berry Smoothie

Even though berries taste sweet, they actually have some of the lowest sugar counts among fruits. Blend together a mixture of raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and blueberries, along with your protein supplements, for the ultimate berry smoothie to kickstart your day. Some low-fat yoghurt or milk does not go amiss, increasing the volume of smoothie and strengthening your bones and teeth with a calcium boost.

Dark Chocolate and Banana Milkshake

There’s no denying that chocolate and banana are a marriage made in heaven.  The secret to making this combo healthier is to use dark chocolate, as the bitterness complements the sweetness of the banana. Not to mention that dark chocolate can benefit you in a number of ways. It’s a powerful antioxidant and increases brain and heart health. There has never been a better excuse to make protein supplements indulgent. 

Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

Credit: wuestenigel

Getting up early and having a successful gym session can be the most satisfying way to start your day. The big question is then what do you do about breakfast. You need something that is filling, yet fast absorbing. The answer everyone is smoothie bowls. Smoothie bowls give you the freedom to add whatever ingredients you want, whilst still getting that liquid protein. They are really easy to make too. Start off with your smoothie or shake base, a nice flavor here would be something like banana or coconut for breakfast. Then, go as crazy with the toppings as you want. Fruit, oats, nuts and honey are all perfect additions to this powerhouse breakfast. 

Go Green

For those of you who prefer a savoury option, it’s time to get on board with savoury green smoothies. Kale, spinach and broccoli are popular options in a green smoothie and mask the flavor of protein powder. For some natural sweetness, grated apple and coconut are a nice addition. A good way to get your 5-a-day!

Craving a shake yet? Have a go at making these simple, yet delicious smoothies and your protein supplements will be revolutionised.

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