Saving for rewards

Although my working situation has changed I’m still concentrating on my savings. There’s so much stuff I want to be able to do and buy but that’s not going to happen for a while. I’m using my savings account as a reward system. I’ll keep putting money away then when I get to a goal I’ll use that money to buy something lovely for myself.

My Grandma has said that if I get to 147lbs she will buy me a beautiful dress. I need something in the middle of my current weight and that weight to keep me motivated. Perhaps a pair of shoes when I get to 154lbs. That’s a massive goal for me. 11 stone, a good round number and by then I’ll be well into the healthy weight range for my height. Healthy! I haven’t been a healthy BMI for a long, long time.

So, here’s a bit of a shoe and dress wishlist as I creep ever closer to my goal. Click on the pictures to go to the product page.

Prada pleated dress

This simple pleated Prada dress is absolutely stunning. It’s understated, beautiful and is one of those pieces I just need in my wardrobe. It could be dressed up or down. It is £709 from

designer bandage dress

This Herve Leger dress might be out of my price range even if I do save up my pennies. But it’s so beautiful, the colours are bright and will certainly make the wearer stand out. At the moment I can’t really wear one shouldered dresses because I’ve got fat arms! When I’m a bit more toned, this dress would e the perfect way to show that off. £1291 from

 Halston Heritage dress

Drapey clothing doesn’t really suit me at the moment. I look like a fat girl trying to hide all the wobbly bits. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to pull this off but it’s beautiful. £132 from The Outnet.

Miu Miu shoes

The little bit of glitter on these Miu Miu shoes just sets them apart from the rest. They are beautiful! £550 from Net-a-Porter

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I love Jeffrey Campbell with all my heart! I really should get some practical ones to add to my collection but as JC don’t really do practical shoes, these will have to suffice. (Also, oh my god, aren’t they pretty!). £140 from Office


I just really want some creepers. They are the sort of shoe that will make me taller but will also be comfortable too. I’d rather spend the money on them because they are going to last. I’d like them to be an everyday shoe that won’t fall apart after a few wears. £80 from ASOS.

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