I’ve been scouring some sales that are currently on and I’m itching to buy. I thought I’d post all my wants here to try and quell the need to buy them. It’s worked before let’s hope it works again. Plus, I know that my quirky fashion sense inspires some of you. Shop on my behalf please.

Loads of jeans on sale including diesel and levi. Ugg boots. Shoes, sport wear.

blowfish, boot, grey, shoes
Blowfish Women’s Hybrid Boot
Was £44.99 Now £12.99
I love these boots, I’m not sure if it is good or bad that they don’t have my size. But rejoice! only £12.99 down from £45!

jeans, trousers, superdry
Women’s Superdry Skinny Jeans
Was £47.99 Now £14.99
Love Superdry but it’s always been so expensive. £14.99 is a great price for such sexy jeans.

jean, flare, killah, sale
Killah Women’s Melody Jean
Was £129.99 Now £20.79
Such a discount on these jeans. And what a flare, so 70’s!

ny, hoodie, jumper, blue, pink
Bubblegum I love NY
Was £34.99 Now £12.99
Would it be really cliched to buy this and wear it in New York? I love blue and pink together!

dress, chilli pepper, shiny, wet look
Chilli Pepper Dress
Was £39.99 Now £9.99
Love Chilli Pepper, love wet look. This is stunning. Wear with some feathers and you have a rock/flapper look.

samantha, skirt, pencil, fashion, work
Full Circle Samantha Skirt
Was £54.99 Now £24.99
This pencil skirt has edge. I love it and I want it. I’ve never owned a pencil skirt before.

80's dress, yellow
Rare Two Colourway 80’s Dress
Was £44.99 Now £10.49
The two tone is pretty. And I love yellow. Seriously tempted.

rare, dress, colour, color
Rare Cross Back Dress
Was £49.99 Now £15.99
Love the colours on this.

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  1. I need that hooded sweatshirt and pencil skirt in my life!

    The flared jeans are also pretty awesome. I dug mine out the wardrobe the other day after they had been sitting there for a couple of years. I have re-found my love for them! xxx

  2. I’m tempted by most of it. The first site has loads of blowfish boots on sale all around £12. I could do with a pair of ankle boots. My current ones are ugly as hell.

    I’ll see how I feel after the initial want stage. Might get them tonight.

    I love flared jeans. I love a 70’s type look. xxx

  3. Oh so do I!

    I was watching Faulty Towers the other day and believe it or not I thought how awesome are the women’s clothing xxx

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