Roller derby: Week three


I found out today that week three is actually week four and that sign offs are actually in two weeks. Bring it on!

This morning I had to swap over all the bearings in my wheels. So Ali’s back to her’s and then my basic ones to the 88a wheels I’m borrowing from someone else. When Ali put her wheels back on this evening they weren’t quite right, though, so I’m terrified I’ve done something wrong.

Today’s training was a little different. We were split in groups according to level because there are just far too many people to be on the track.

We started off with steps. This is stepping without rolling sideways both ways, forwards, and backwards. I’m fine with most of it but couldn’t get the hang of backwards.

Standing on one foot is also okay. I need a bit of practice, especially on my right leg.

Then we moved onto lateral hops which looked like the most difficult thing in the world but actually weren’t too bad if you didn’t think about it. It’s very hard having both feet off the ground at the same time. I get the fear.

Next was glides. Left foot, okay but needs practice. Right foot, not a chance. That foot still turns inwards and so much that I can’t correct it by leaning in my outside edge.

Next were stops. I’m actually alright with T-stops but I can’t plow stop to save my life. I think I made a little progress on that front today but I’m still a way off.

A track was laid out towards the end of the session. I have cross overs down. Just need to work on keeping low. I’m definitely more comfortable on these 88 wheels. I was going faster and keeping up that pace.

Thankfully I didn’t fall which means my confidence is well and truly restored. Excited for the unofficial Friday session and for my Scabs knee pads to arrive!

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