Roller Derby: Level up!

roller derby skatesI was so nervous about Saturday’s level two session. It’s at a different venue, which means a different floor. I loosened my trucks before the session because sticky feet was so hard on Monday and I was wondering if I’d even be able to skate. What if the coaches realised they’d made a mistake and sent me back to level one?

As with everything I have major anxiety about, it was fine. In fact it was one of the best derby sessions I’ve had. I was with awesome people and it was so fun skating with Bunn the Baker. Despite both being in this for a while, we’ve never really skated side-by-side at a training session.

We warmed up with some stops (very different on that smooth, beautiful floor), taps, sticky feet (loosening the trucks worked a treat) and then some backwards skating. I could backwards skate in my old skates but not in these new ones – despite help and instruction. I think I need to loosen those back trucks a little more. Something to practice.

Then we got onto pack skating. I was in a group with some of my favourite people and although things started a little awkwardly, we were soon communicating and moving as one.

roller derby nameThere were no big falls and despite locking wheels with a few people, I was starting to get the hang of it. We moved, sped up, slowed down and moved around within our pack to fill gaps. We then had to dodge obstacles and fall within the pack. So much fun.

We then practiced some level one skills off track. At level two you need to be able to do things like knee taps and falls in stride and much faster. That will also take some practice.

I came home to my helmet sticker, people will finally know who I am!

I’m a bit sore today so am spending the day eating things, playing computer games and watching Star Trek. Happy Easter!

I’m also about to dye my hair purple…


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