RFL15: I did it!

The last two weeks of my training didn’t exactly go very well. In fact, I didn’t run once in the two weeks coming up to the Race for Life 10k in Norwich. It’s a shame because I think I could’ve done pretty well if I’d continued with my training regime that had me out 3-4 times per week.

When it came to race day and I was suffering with a horrendous cold, the aim of the day suddenly went from finishing in 1hr 20 to just finishing.

Considering how I felt, I was pretty pumped and enjoyed the first few kilometres immensely. From there my lungs decided to protest and I just couldn’t take in a deep breath without going into a coughing fit so severe that I almost threw up. This lack of oxygen resulted in a stitch, of course, but I pushed through and managed to jog the entire first half of the race.

From there I had to slow it down and pepper my slow jogging stints with a little bit of walking. I think I got a second wind by the 8km point, perhaps because I knew it was almost over.


I crossed that line in 1hr 29 minutes. Slow but at least I did it and thank god for all the wonderful people who cheered runners the whole way around the course. It’s a fantastic feeling to complete something like this for such a good cause, especially when it was such a personal challenge. What’s next, a half marathon?

Find out more about the Race for Life here and perhaps event challenge yourself to do something great!

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