Review – Slendertone abs belt

slendertone abs beltI’ve been trialing the abs belt for just over a month now. I didn’t want to take any measurements and give you a before and after because I think that would be inaccurate. I’ve been working out and eating well as well as using the abs belt and yes, I’ve seen results.

I think it’s best to use something like this in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. If you want great abs then firstly you need to lose all the fat from around your middle. I read somewhere that with women it takes a body fat percentage of 18% before abs start to show. It’s from here that you can then begin to work on definition.

The abs belt does have toning and sculpting properties, I think that with regular use it could give you a more defined waist and hopefully help against sagging skin that affects some when they lose weight. If the muscles are being strengthened by the use of the abs belt then that will help with your core strength which could make exercising easier and help you to burn more calories.

On its own I don’t think you’d see much difference if you just used the abs belt. (The same way you wouldn’t see much difference if you ran every day and kept eating like a pig.) But I think it can have its benefits if you employ a healthy lifestyle. I can’t speak for those of you who have a low body fat percentage but I reckon if you stick to one of the plans that comes with the belt then you could see more defined abs using just the belt as long as you eat right.

I’d tell anyone whose interested to buy an abs belt. It can’t hurt you weight loss/fitness efforts!

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