Review: No-tie shoe laces

If someone had pitched no-tie shoelaces to me, I would’ve assumed they were for kids but after being introduced to the Quick Shoe Lace from Walletking, I’m well and truly sold.

I was all skater shoes and Converse back in the early 2000s (OK, I’m still all about the Cons) and back then it was a cardinal offence to tie your shoelaces in a bow. It was either tuck your shoelaces in, undone, or you were a poser. I didn’t make the rules but I stuck to them rigidly.

Part of me still feels a little pang of shame when I tie my Converse laces in a bow so I’m a little excited by no-tie laces.

You simply pull the laces through like you normally would and connect the hooks to the top eyelet of your shoes. All you need to do to fasten is stretch the lace over and secure.

No more unattractive double knots or tripping over undone laces. These are, of course, great for kids but I’m all over this idea for my sneakers. They come in a wide range of colours and add a touch of bling to even the most boring of shoes.

Find out more about the Quick Shoe Lace here.

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