Review: E45 Moisturing Lotion

Choosing an antidote to dry skin is a minefield. There are approximately seven thousand products making the same handful of promises, and you haven’t the foggiest which of these is going to work for you. All us reviewers can do is give our most personal advice, and this year, my saviour has been the glorious E45 Moisturising Lotion.

First, a disclaimer: I was already fully enamoured of this product before Jess asked me to write about it, so my one and only reason for reviewing it is to pass on what I’ve learnt.

E45 makes an absolute bum-load of different creams these days, so picking from the brand alone is an intimidating choice, but if you’re like me and want to be free to apply a light and delicate moisturiser any time you feel the need, this lotion is best. It’s dermatological, so it’s more than suitable for the relief of sensitive, rash-prone, and newborn skin, but more than that it’s designed for everybody.

While it might initially be aimed at those whose skin is especially dry or irritable, at its heart this is simply a high-quality moisturiser which sinks in instantaneously and can be topped up as regularly as the user desires. It leaves skin soft and hydrated, and best of all you can bag 200ml or 500ml bottles for under a fiver.

Very few skincare companies offer that kind of quality and quantity for such a small volume of pennies, and those that do are usually not sensitive-friendly.

I’ve been suffering from a lingering allergic reaction that’s caused patches of eczema to flare up along my arms and torso, and even prescribed antihistamines and steroid creams have only worked sporadically, but since discovering E45 Moisturising Lotion my skin has been calmer and more hydrated that it’s ever been.

When the eczema symptoms have an occasional flare-up I just apply layer upon layer of E45 until it’s soothed, and even parts of my body that always had rougher skin (and I’d given up on) are now unexpectedly softened.

Thicker than a lotion but so much more quickly absorbed than your average moisturiser, the gentler than gentle formula of E45 Moisturising Lotion is thrust into victory in the battle against all those little elements that suck the life out of your skin. If you want something that’s both a treat and an everyday staple, look no further.

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