Reasons why we should dress up every day.

I recently came across this blog post:

It got me thinking to Friday night when Ben and I went to see the Soloist. I put on my favourite dress, a nice cardigan and some pretty shoes, I did my hair and makeup and I looked good! Once dressed Ben looks at me and instead of saying how nice I looked he said “why are you so dressed up?”

“because we are going out.”

“I didn’t realise we had to get dressed up,” he said it with such disdain I felt a little bad. I explained to him that a t-shirt and trainers would be fine as we were just going to the cinema. Just because I was dressed up didn’t mean he had to be. He looks amazing in whatever he wears.

Why should I ‘dress down’ because other people or or we are ‘just going to the cinema.’ I felt awesome that night and I was so happy that I was in a pretty dress. So to anyone, that doesn’t understand why I try to look good all the time, just remember how awesome I feel compared to how you feel in your tracksuit bottoms.

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