Purple Green Yellow

I love colour, the brighter the better and I have been known to wear a rainbow of mis matched colours. I don’t always feel the need to colour co-ordinate and today is one of those days. Today’s inspiration is warmth, my office is freezing so I need layers, big coats and scarves. Without a thought to fashion I grabbed a load of items and continued on my merry way to work. It seems that when you has a reputation of bright colours it doesn’t matter which ones you wear together.


Purple Coat from Jupe (www.jupe.org.uk – Boutique in Mundesley, Norfolk, UK)
Yellow Cotton Cardigan from New Look
Green Scarf from Peacocks
Sequined Leopard print top from Dorothy Perkins

(Not pictured)
Black cardigan from New Look
Jeans from George at Asda
Leopard print Belt from Jupe
Rocket Dog wellies.

Please ignore the fact that I’m not wearing any make up, days of doing full make up and trying loads of new products means that my skin is in need of a rest day.

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