Proud to have caused a stir

rarIn response to my post Why do I need to be thin? a few bloggers have come together to post their views on the topic. The overall response to those posts is incredible and I’m happy that I could conjure up such a talking point with fantastic bloggers and their readers.

Firstly CeCe of LoveBrownSugar started it in response to my post talking about how one of her looks has no hype on . I don’t understand it because it’s a good look! It’s fashion forward and she looks hot. That’s more than can be said for some of the scruffy buggers that hog the front page of the site.

Then a post appeared quoting CeCe and myself on the Grit and Glamour blog. It went into beautiful detail and was so beautifully written. It got a great response in the comment and even a note back from one of the founders of – which you can read here.

I then saw a post on A Little Bird Fashion. Another fashion blogger who agrees with us and feels the same way. I think it’s the fickle nature of fashion and the way the industry dictates what is hot. And hot appears to be young, white and thin.

It also seems that it’s not that I’m a ‘fat girl writing about fashion’ that affects the hits I get but my blogging style, lack of posts like the previous and a lack of structure. Thanks to those on Reddit who pointed out most of that.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. You posed some great points and to those of you who pointed out that I wasn’t fat, thanks. <3

I urge you to go read the above blog posts, each of those wonderful ladies make fantastic points and I hope their posts spark more debate on this situation.

Another thing to think of is the fact that we are putting ourselves (actually some bloggers are refusing to) onto those sites which are ultimately beauty contests. We are putting ourselves, our styles and our non conformist bodies out there to be judged.

It’s annoying but I can’t help but feel that maybe we shouldn’t go on them if we are going to complain.

But come on. A little bit of hype wouldn’t hurt.

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  1. I don’t use lookbook or any of those site for exactly that reason. I’m a big girl and I put myself out there on MY blog on MY terms: if people like that they can come to me, if not then they can look elsewhere: that’s how blogging works!
    Great post btw xxx

  2. Jettica, thank you for mentioning my post, as well as other posts related to this topic. The great thing, as you noted, is that bloggers are coming together to discuss topics like these and people are paying attention! Not only did the founder of respond to my post, but the founder of Hypeed did as well…all the responses are posted on my blog.

    Again, you raise great questions and you make a good point that if we’re going to participate in those sites/”communities” we have to accept them as they are…the site owners cannot change the popular vote. That’s why can either participate and start voting up all sorts of people and hope for the best with voting and our own photos, or not participate or support them at all. I choose the latter.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

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