Up-dos to protect your hair from bad weather

With the unpredictable weather in the UK, there’s often no point stepping out with freshly blow-dried hair if it’s going to get ruined by the wind, rain and even snow! Deciding on how to style your hair in the winter time can be a little tricky, as the styles you may want to achieve won’t hold when faced with the weather conditions.

Here are 5 failsafe hairstyles for winter that will help your hair to look great and stay in place:

A simple ballerina bun


If you have flyaway hair that is going to become frizzy and uncontrollable with the slightest bit of bad weather, why not consider the ballerina bun option? A simple bun is a quick and effective way to tie back your hair and will ensure that your hair looks neat and tidy throughout the day.

To achieve a bun, the technique is simple. Start off by brushing your hair back into a neat ponytail placed in the middle of your head, twist the hair around the bobble and pin it into place. A bun is a great way to ensure that the hair stays tamed and is especially useful if you have to go somewhere formal such as a business meeting or interview.

If you want the bun to appear more of a casual look, create the style with your fingers as opposed to using a brush and wrap the hair around the bobble loosely.

A Polished Ponytail


Although the ponytail is a classic and simple hairstyle it can be adapted, making it suitable for either dressy or more casual occasions. For instance, a ponytail can be worn low, high or to the side, and will ensure that your hair looks fabulous regardless of the weather.

As you can see in the above image, a sleek and polished hairstyle will not only ensure that your hair is guarded from the wind and rain, but will also enhance your facial features. By using a brush or comb and styling products you will be able to sweep all the hair back into a bobble and add accessories such as hairbands and clips if necessary.

Fishtail or French Plait


A plait of any kind is a great way to shield your hair from the elements and is something you can do in the evening and leave in for the next day. Whether you can achieve a halo style plait, French or fishtail plait, each of these styles will keep your hair looking neat and on-trend. If the weather continues to get colder, you could also add a hat over this style and your hair will still look great when you take it off!

So, if you are looking to beat the winter weather this season, take a look at our expert advice and create a look that will stay in place all day long!

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