Prevention is better than cure

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A while back I went to The Beauty Room in Norwich for an organic facial. It was exquisite and they used all these fantastic products by a brand called Pinks Boutique. During the facial I was told that my skin was very dry and that I should try the Pinks Boutique anti-ageing serum.

I got my hands on some and have been using it ever since. It’s an oil, superbly rejuvenating and it smells gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that it is all organic, doesn’t clog pores and if I had signs of ageing it would definitely reduce them!

Having smooth, hydrated skin this early in my life (I’m 21 for those of you who don’t know) means that I’m less likely to get wrinkles in the future. Using products like this ensures that my skin will stay firm and wrinkle-free for a good while longer.

So whether you are looking for a good anti-ageing serum or just need an extra hydration boost this product is gorgeous.

£44 from Pinks Boutique.

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