You are funding piracy

This is a tricky subject. Downloading movies, having someone record them on a cam, police coming and raiding your house as if you were a drug dealer. Not good.

All cinemas are saying that if you see someone with a cam in a movie then you should alert a member of staff. Well, there’s an issue there isn’t there. If you alert a member of staff then you’ll miss a portion of the film, probably quite a fair amount if you have to discuss in detail what you saw.

You’ll then get home having missed a chunk of the film, probably somewhere in the middle. What do you do? You aren’t going to fork out another £10 to go see the film again. So, you download it.

So if you do tell someone about something using a cam to record a film then you are aiding piracy because you will be missing the film and disrupting it for many others. They and you have no choice but to download that film.

Shame on you.

*cough* YARR *cough*

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