Photography: Alex Sheppard

Today I had the pleasure of going out on a photoshoot with the delightful Alex Sheppard, she is an Anti-folk superstar, and I have to say I’m quite a fan. These photos mark her signing with Jigsaw House, if you wish to listen to her gorgeously quirky lyrics and brilliant guitar playing then you can […]

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So the lovely people at sent me one of their face packs. I was actually quite surprised to see that it was a powder rather than a premixed mask but it makes sense, means less packaging which is good for the environment, I like that. So the instructions on the side say: “Blend 1 […]

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Dresses from Bank and Epic Boobs

So, lunch break. I went off with Embo (she’ll be doing the guest Face Art post in a week or so) we had some lunch then headed to Bank because she’d seen a lovely sequined dress in there. After deciding that £50 was too much to spend on a dress we took a peek at […]

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