Packing light: Holiday shoes

I’ve just arrived back from Venice and I didn’t pack light. I’m rubbish at packing well for a holiday. It’s easier for me to take too much and not wear half of it rather than plan outfits ahead of time. I wonder if it’s me or if it’s my wardrobe not being ¬†versatile enough.

Today I’m going to look at shoes. What footwear should you take on holiday?

Here are some shoes from New Look that fit the bill quite nicely.

A decent pair of wedges can be dressed up or down. ¬†They’re great when strutting around the pool as well as with a nice dress when you get ready for an evening out. A lot of women also find them much easier to walk in than many other types of heel.

If you have a bit more faith in your ability to walk in heels then some heeled gladiator sandals would look great. These are versatile enough that they can still be worn around the pool or on an evening out. They might not be very good for a hike in the hills, though.

A pair of very basic flip flops will be your best friend on any holiday. Make sure you’ve worn them for a while before your holiday. There’s nothing worse than packing new shoes you think will be comfortable only to have them rub in all the wrong places.

I would always recommend taking a pair of trainers with you. These are great for longer walks, or for slipping on when your feet are sore.

Depending on where you are going, you could get away with packing only two or three pairs of shoes. Keep the colours neutral and think about comfort. This way they’ll match the clothes you take with you and you won’t be worrying about how much your feet are going to hurt at the end of the day.

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