OOTD: Trends, telly, tiny cars and Texas

The most recent episode of my TV show is now on my YouTube channel and it’s a particularly stylish edition as I’m wearing a beautiful Claire Campbell dress from Cuckoo Clothing in the video. Check it out below.

What I’m wearing: Dress – High by Claire Campbell via Cuckoo Clothing | Boots – Urban Outfitters | Necklace – Phase Eight

I really enjoyed filming this show. The radio controlled cars were huge fun and I got to review my beloved Abarth, all while swishing around in the most flattering dress I think I’ve ever worn.

It took mope back to my goth roots and it’s making me realise that I’m happy winter is here. I don’t enjoy the weather but the chance to pile on layers of grungy clothing is very much appreciated. There are some summer fashion trends I’ll be holding onto like bold patterns, knee-length skirts, and that lovely nineties vibe but I’m happy to be able to wear my Dr Martens without odd looks.

That being said, I’m off to Texas next week where it’ll be a comfortable 20 degrees. If it does get cold then I can warm myself in the car we’ve got for the trip, a Corvette Stingray. You lot might not appreciate cars as much as those who read my motoring blog but I know you appreciate style.

You’re also well aware that I like to be the most ostentatious kid in the block, this nosy V8 muscle car is going to suit me very well.

Update may be sporadic until I return home but you’ll find me updating across social media. Join me in my travels:

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