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Last weekend I headed to the epic Anglesey circuit to watch Turn Eight Racing in action. It was an amazing experience at an amazing track but we just didn’t get the results we wanted. Gavin Johnson picked up two fifth places, which isn’t bad considering the engine troubles that plagued us throughout the weekend. The engine is now getting some tender loving care from Pip Hammond who was out in his Nova GTE in the Classic Stock Hatch Championship on the same weekend.

Of course, you’re not here for cars. So let me tell you about my two outfits.


What I’m wearing: Hat – Autosport Apparel | T-shirt – Zalando | Skirt – Vera & Lucy via TK Maxx | Shoes – Truffle (not pictured) | Hoody – Turn Eight Racing | Necklace – Next | Sunglasses – Roxy (similar).

Let me talk to you about Autosport Apparel. This is a brand I came across before they were even selling clothes but I just fell for the motorsport-themed designs. Especially this Ferrari F40 tee.


As it turns out, owner Rich shares a lot of the same loves as we do at the team and it was just a match made in heaven. Our Porsche now sports some very fancy Autosport Apparel logos and we’ve got lots of exciting clothing collaborations on the way. I definitely recommend you check out this brand if you’re into cars and clothes!


What I’m wearing: Jacket – Bloohound SSC official jacket | Trousers – Monki | T-shirt (not pictured) – People Tree | Shoes – Gucci

We saw a fair bit of racing on Sunday and it was great to hang out with such an awesome bunch of people. I was armed with my camera so there weren’t that many photos of me taken (for once…). I did get some nice photos of the rest of the team and our very pretty Porsche race car.


Here I am with the race car! Isn’t she a beauty!

In this shot you can see my amazing Zandra Rhodes for People Tree t-shirt a bit better and I’ve got my Autosport Apparel hat on once again. I felt like a proper race team boss posing for this photo.

Dressing for the race track is difficult because for the most part I’m rolling around on the floor of a greasy garage taking photos from all sorts of different angles. Bare legs and a leather skirt then those robust Monki trousers were good bets.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for other race-track-appropriate outfits!

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