OOTD: Going casual

I don’t really do casual very well. I’d much prefer to be in a nice dress with high heels than jeans and trainers. Firstly, I find jeans uncomfortable and secondly, I think a dress is much more flattering. I turn up to pretty much everywhere over-dressed. However, I remembered I had some terrible quality Matalan trousers that actually happen to be quite comfy.

Now, my foot size has shrunk a lot since losing weight. A lot more than I ever imagined it would. I reckon I’m now a size 6/7 rather than an 8. It’s weird and the reason that I need to sell a load of my shoes. It also means that these size 7 Converse that I got for my 18th birthday are no longer going to rub and be uncomfortable. I’m quite pleased about that.


What I’m wearing – Shoes: Converse | Jeans: Matalan | Top and hoody: Primark



I am living in this hoody at the moment (even with the pretty dresses). It goes great under a blazer for work, I can run in it, keeps me warm around the house. Not bad for a very basic Primark buy.

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