OOTD: Flight Style

I’m not keen on flying so when I do go somewhere, I have to feel good and be comfortable all at the same time. Quantas set me the challenge to come up with a flight outfit if I were to travel to the Fashion World of Jean Paul Gualtier in Melbourne. That’s a long flight so while style is very important, practicality is also a factor too.


What I’m wearing – Trousers, tee, beanie and sunnies: all ASOS | Shoes: eBay

I was sent some ASOS vouchers to help me put together my outfit and it made sense to choose trousers because they’re just a little more practical and a dress and tights. A t-shirt is comfortable and the unicone design is suitably summery for a trip to Australia. Now, I am a cold person so this simple beanie is my safeguard against that. The UK is blummin’ freezin’ and Australia won’t be so wearing layer-upon-layer isn’t feasible. A beanie I can just take off and shove in a bag.

The same goes for the shoes. They’re part way between a boot and a sandal. Doing transitional-wear right!


A cardigan is important because planes are cold and I like to be snuggly. This cardie is from Hawes and Curtis, love this colour!


Simple accessories are important, just in case you’re asked to take them off. Also, big secret here, I’m not wearing makeup. That’s what mirrored sunglasses are for, I don’t have time to put more than lippie on when thinking about all the things I have to pack. Which brings me to…


How the hell do you choose shoes to take all the way to Australia for a fashion exhibition? 

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