OOTD: All the brights

boden cardigan

I love bright colours. Despite bleeding glitter and being as rock and roll as they come, I can’t get enough of pinks, blues and purples. I suppose it’s all down to the fact that I like to stand out.

This is what I wore to a recent meeting. I own a business and I am a professional but I’m not going to compromise on my own personal style just to conform with what normal business people wear to meetings.

What I’m wearing: Cardigan and trousers – Boden | Top – Zalando | Shoes – SpyLoveBuy

I always used to think that my piercings, hair colour and dress sense were going to lose me clients but the truth is, no one cares. I get to work with people who are intrigued by my sense of style. I can also walk into a room a people will instantly know that I’m a bit more interesting than some marketing agency owners.

What do you wear to work?

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  1. Love this outfit. Mainly I have to wear a uniform to work at the moment, which I hate although it does take away morning “I don’t know what to wear” issues!

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