News – Johnny Depp dies in Car Crash

It is trending on Twitter RIP Johnny Depp, this comes just 15 hours or so after I was considering starting a rumour that a celebritiy was dead. So, had Johnny Depp died in a car crash? Doesn’t look like it.

He’ll probably have to come out and make a statement saying that he hasn’t died. Wow, the power of Twitter.I wonder how it started.Did someone just decided to put RIP Johnny Depp on Twitter to see where it went?

It’d be horrific if Johnny Depp had died in a car crash. He’s an awesome guy. Maybe it’ll start floating around that Orlando Bloom was with him in the car accident. It’ll then start trending RIP Johnny Depp and RIP Orlando Bloom. Oh dear.

Well, Johnny Depp, I hope you aren’t dead and that you’ve had no sign of a car accident. Also, don’t think that you should die in a car accident just because Twitter says so.

So I casn confirm, Johnny Depp has not died. His death in a car crash is a hoax… I think.

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  1. The website this hoax was pulled from is an “angelfire” copy of CNN, that publishes a report that his car was found in France, crashed and his body was pulled from it.

    This was in 2004.

    Somebody rung him up to check if he was dead today, and he answered and said he wasn’t dead but he was in France. Somebody just decided to chose today to republish that report.

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