New Year!

Afternoon everyone. Just a few more chores to do around the house before I start getting ready to party. I’ve decided to go back to the village where my family are to my old local. All the old gang will be there as well as my brother and Dad. It’ll be a good night.

I bought a gorgeous j├Ąger dress. Size 18. It might be a bit big, shouldve tried it on in the shop really. I think I need a size 16 or bigger boobs… Anyway, it looks fab. You’ll have photos within the next few days.

As for makeup and hair I’m thinking of taking on a sort of Deanna Troi meets 1920’s flapper. I’m going to do a photo tutorial because upon looking for Star Trek themed ones I turned up none. That reminds me. Must charge camera.

A few days of being lazy and not taking off my makeup has given me two huge spots. How inconvenient. I’ve got toothpaste on my face to combat the redness. Dry out darn you!

Over Christmas I was very worried about putting on loads of weight. I’ve put on two pounds. That I can live with. l’ve been doing yoga everyday for the last couple. That’ll combat all the chocolate I’ve eaten and have yet to eat!

So, I need to pack my bags to go to my Mum’s then it is picture and getting ready time!

Have a great new year party!!

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