New shoes – Flip flops and glitter


These flip flops are by Mel. I’m loving them, they’re plastic, very simple and quite comfortable. Because the weather has been terrible, I haven’t had the chance to wear any flip flops this year and, as a result, I need to get my feet used to them.


These beauties are by Buffalo. I am in love. I’ve been looking for a slipper-style shoes for a while now. I looked at studded ones but these sequin ones just caught my eye and I decided that I needed them. If only because they are perfect for the pseudo uniform I’ve adopted at work. When ever I do any Jet Social I have to wear one piece of glittery clothing.

Tomorrow is the first event I’m putting on as Jet Social and I’m feeling a little nervous about it all. Watch this space, there will be plenty of photos of my outfit. These shoes will have a starring role. I’m going to work now on the tiny bit of public speaking I need to do. I’m not great at this stuff but the excitement is certainly outweighing the nerves.

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