New goals

So I put on four pounds over Christmas. That’s not too bad at least I’m not over 16 stone again. I’m now on a mission to lose weight before the trip to America in June it is 22 weeks away so I should I be able to lose 2lbs per week. That’s 44llbs before June. Just over three stone. That would put me at thirteen and a half stone. Wow.

I need motivation. What can I do to keep myself going. I’m motivated now but will I be in a week?

I’ve sort of landed myself an Ayurvedic lifestyle, it is all quite complicated and I’m not sure I can stick to it but surely doing a little bit would improve my all round health and stuff.

I need to continue taking my multivits and berocca. I sort of stopped just after Christmas and haven’t gotten back into it all. My plan is to eat well (new cook book full of healthy meals), do yoga once a day – it’s turning out to be more like two or three times a week but I’m getting there.

I was also hearing about Tracey Anderson’s method. Not sure what it is. Sounds dancey… I might look into that but I’m so bad at doing work out videos (DVDs). There’s loads of stuff online, on YouTube and whatnot that I might try.

Exercise is what will make me fail. I need to be healthy especially as. I no longer walk to work!

– Lose a total of 44lbs by 11th June
Start: 221 Current: 221 Goal: 177

– No drinking for 2 weeks staring Monday 4th Jan.

– 12 glasses of water a day.
Yesterday: 9 glasses.

I’m also going to religously update here with my goal progress weekly. Wednesday is weigh in day!

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